Food for Thought with Mytanfeet

Check out the latest Food for Thought with @Mytanfeet #travel #food #foodie #nomnom

There is an undeniable connection between a culture and its food. Traditions, heritage, language and environment are all ultimately linked to putting food on the table. Food doesn’t just nourish the body. It creates bonds within communities and between individuals. As we travel we are able to eat traditional dishes, learn to cook with ingredients grown in the places we visit, and shop in local…

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Hmongtown Marketplace: SE Asia in Minnesota

Hmongtown Marketplace: SE Asia in Minnesota @exploreminn @cityofminneapolis #travel #local #hmong #food #market

hmongtown marketplace farmers market

So many veggies and fruits at the Hmongtown Marketplace Farmer’s Market

Minnesota’s Diversity

Minneapolis and St. Paul are much more diverse than we imagined. When we visited a couple of years ago, we learned that Minneapolis has the largest Somali population in the US and the second largest Ethiopian and Vietnamese populations. It turns out that the Hmong population here is the largest outside…

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Food for Thought with Heart of a Vagabond

Food for Thought with Heart of a Vagabond @Heartofvagabond #food #travel #vegan #vegetarian #nomnom

The Food for Thoughtseries explores the intricate relationship between food and culture as seen through the eyes of travelers. As we travel, visiting a local market, sharing a meal, or learning to cook with new ingredients are great ways to get to know a new destination. We forge new relationships, and make new friends based on this basic human need. We all have to eat! This week we meet Yara…

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Oysters: Quest for the Best

Oysters: Quest for the Best


Houston-Sized Oysters

It’s been about two years since we’ve visited The Big Easy.  For me, the absolute first thing I think of when New Orleans is mentioned is oysters.  I’ve been to NOLA twice and both times it’s been for work, so free time has been very limited.  For our third visit, guess what, we are once again working.  Maybe that is why nearly all of my experiences in New Orleans revolve…

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Food for Thought with Stunning Visits

Food for Thought with Stunning Visits

This week marks the 30th installment in our Food for Thoughtinterview series! Through each interview, we aim to discover more about other travelers’ journeys and the role food plays. We all have some relationship with food. It defines us and it indisputably plays a role in defining the cultures we visit. In our own travels, we’ve found ourselves focusing more and more on local cuisine (be it…

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Food for Thought with ParTASTE

flammkuchen to Sailboats: Food for Thought with @ParTASTE #food #foodie #culture #nomnom #travel

Food is a basic human need. We need to eat to survive. As such, food is an integral part of the human experience. Our relationship with food is often complicated. At the same time, it is most basic. As travelers, food is key to understanding a new destination. Sharing a meal, learning a traditional recipe, or cooking with new ingredients are all ways to break down barriers and form new…

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Food for Thought with Eat Rio

Food for Thought with Eat Rio

As travelers, we make meaningful connections through food that we might never otherwise. Food brings us together, and sharing a meal or learning how to cook a dish using local ingredients is a great way to break down barriers and make new friends. Taking a long walk, chowing down on street food along the way, visiting local markets and talking to people is one of our favorite ways to get to know…

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Food for Thought with Forking Tasty

#Food for Thought with @ForkingTasty #culture #travel #foodie #nomnom

Travelers have a special relationship with food by default. With a natural inquisitiveness and desire to learn about new people and places, most of us also really enjoy getting to know a new place through its cuisine. Whether it’s a national dish or a new-found local favorite, getting food tips from local residents, sharing a meal, or cooking with fresh ingredients are wonderful ways to not only…

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